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First Bank of Utica

Online Security

12 Cybersecurity Tips:

1. Anti-Virus!

Install and update anti-virus software on all devices connected to the internet.

2. Back it up.

Data loss doesn’t come with a warning. Back up your critical data at least once a week.

3. Keep it clean.

Stay up to date with current security software, web browser, and operating system.

4. Secure your devices.

Require passwords, pass-codes, or touch ID features to lock your devices.

5. Difficult Password

Make your password a sentence that is easy to remember and incorporates a special character and number.

6. Go beyond the username and password.

For an added layer of security, enable multi-factor authentication.

7. S = Secure

Look for https as part of the URL/website address.

8. Beware of phishy emails.

  • Comes from a suspicious sender.
  • Offers a prize or enticing deal.
  • Contains typos and bad grammar.
  • Requests you to verify or update account information, stop payments, or complete other important processes.
  • Do not trust emails requesting confidential personal information, PINS, passwords, or account numbers.

9. Think before you click.

Don’t click on any link unless you know you can trust the source and are certain of where the link will send you.

10. When in doubt, throw it out.

If an email, link, or post looks suspicious, don’t open it, delete it, and/or mark as junk.

11. Think before you app.

Be thoughtful about which apps you allow to collect your personal information.

12. Be Wi-Fi savvy.

Public wireless networks and hotspots are not secure. Avoid logging into important accounts such as email and financial services while on a public network. (Example: Hotel, Airport, Restaurant)